Intro IAI




Who am I?

This is a question we pursue all our lives. With the Integral Address Indicator we want to bring you a little closer to the answer.

The determination of the Integral Address is the most precise and profound description of a consciousness. It contains information about what is normally invisible to us: The glasses through which we see the world. Having this information is of immense value when it comes to making a real difference in our lives. Only when I know where I am can I know which direction I want to go.

At IntegralWorks, it is our goal to make the Integral Address determination available to anyone who is interested. We've made the process as smooth as possible so that it's not only quick, but even fun.

The Integral Address includes

  • the personality type (Polarity and Enneagram)
  • the psychological health (Shadow)
  • the personal development in five central lines of development
    • Worldview
    • Values
    • Needs
    • Self-Identity
    • Cognition

If you want to learn more about the Integral Address and about IAI, you can watch below an excerpt from the presentation we had the opportunity to give at the Integral European Conference 2021.



IAI at IEC 2021




And How Does This Work Exactly?

After you have successfully registered for the IAI, we will send you a link to your email inbox. As soon as you have a good and undisturbed moment, you can start with the IAI assessment. You will need a laptop or computer with a good internet connection, a webcam and microphone, and about 20-30 minutes of time. We will then put you in different assessment situations, ask you questions, and film you as you go. You don't have to be afraid of this, because you can't make any mistakes. From this video we can very quickly determine the results and within a few days you will receive an invitation from us for a personal debriefing.

In the debriefing (via VideoCall), one of our evaluators will discuss the results with you and give you very specific steps you can take to accelerate your growth. These can be very different things: e.g. meditate more (or less) or try a physically intensive sport and so on. Of course, these specific recommendations are clearly tied to the outcome of the assessment. For example, if we find a blockage at the Red level, we will recommend something that can bring you into contact with that part of yourself.



Legal and Privacy

During the IAI process, very sensitive data is generated. We take this issue seriously! This means:

  • we always encrypt all data traffic using current TLS technology
  • the data is stored in a secure data center in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • the video data will be deleted immediately after evaluation, unless you explicitly allow us to use it for internal development and training purposes
  • under no circumstances will Integralworks AG pass on your data to third parties
  • the IAI and the generated data comply with the DSGVO / GDPR, the world's strictest data protection law



What our clients say:

"On my self-discovery journey the integral address indicator assessment reinforced me that I'm on the right path in my development, and highlighted how important and fruitful it could be, to pursue my real passion."

"The results of the assessment were quite touching and beneficial to me. During the online review, I felt lots of care from the side of the team. Thank you!"

"Overall the debriefing gave me more self-confidence, confirming what I felt about myself and my development. It gave me a clear perspective on what to work with, in order to fully embrace the stage of development I am at. I'm so happy I did this!"

"I learned about Integral Works assessments at the IEC conference, and was directly interested by the initiative. I found the feedback of Integral Works very interesting, especially after such a short video. I think it is a great format, which is also reassuring given the structured underlying approach. Thank you!"